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Midterm Meeting for the CLUD in June 2013 at the University Mediterranean Reggio Calabria- Italy

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“Provide education, research, and technical assistance to inform and engage public policy and practice to address the challenges of public, metropolitan, and urban life. The institute emphasizes comparative, international, and regional affairs.


The Consortium of SDSU, Northeastern University, Reggio Calabria Mediterranean Univeristy, Alto University, and Rome University held the midterm Meeting for the Commercial Local Urban District in San Diego State University from August 23-26.

The Institute of Public and Urban Affairs and the School of Public and Urban Affairs at San Diego State University, in collaboration with four European University, successfully received the Marie Currie Grant to research and teach in the area of Commercial Local Urban Districts.

IPUA and the University of Reggio Calabria, University of Salford, University of Uppsala, and the University of Rome are in a consortium to study urban regeneration from a comparative perspective and to disseminate their findings to both the European and American Communities.

This project entails exchange of students as well as researchers to benefit from the experience of both European and American universities.

For more information on the consortium please click the following URl:

Commercial Local Urban District Project Brochure


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